Why the Cloud is More Important Than Ever for Testers

- By Alissa Lydon, Director of Product Marketing, Sauce Labs In the classic (and now 27-year-old!) movie The Shawshank Redemption, the character Brooks Hatlen remarks upon leaving prison that the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry. He was referring, of course, to how life in the 1950s compared to life in [...]

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MadTech Marketing Intelligence: The New People-Based Marketing?

 - By Lauren Brudermann, nexoya Today's consumers can now interact with a brand through many streams and are expecting a more personalized experience. Such expectations have transformed traditional marketing, which has evolved into an increasingly technology-driven discipline. The marketing landscape has dramatically changed since the widespread introduction of the internet in advertising. Three major trends [...]

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Mergers and Acquisitions in 2021: Strategies and Digital Tools Vital to Success

- By Nick Perdikis, CEO and Chief Revenue Officer, Devensoft Like just about everything else, mergers and acquisitions activity has been in flux over the past several months. Earlier this year, M&A activity dropped significantly, with one research firm reporting a 40% drop in the number of deals with transaction values of $50 million or [...]

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Four Customer-Centric Metrics to Drive B2B SaaS Retention

By Abby Hammer, Chief Customer Officer, ChurnZero Did you know that reducing customer churn by 5% can increase profits from anywhere between 25% to 125%? B2B SaaS companies that prioritize their customers’ health and wellness – and not just their acquisition – build their business’s endurance and strengthen its long-term valuation. But “good” customer [...]

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Why Digital-First Is the Wave of the Future

By Chen Amit, Co-Founder & CEO, Tipalti In the blink of an eye, the cloud has shifted from being a tech conference buzzword to an integrated and seamless part of business operations. The takeover began on front-end business systems, resulting in streamlined interactions, increased company visibility, and automated customer service. Today, companies are pushing cloud [...]

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The Digital Supply Chain: Greater Resilience, Agility, Transparency

By Ken Fleming, president of Logistyx Technologies - a leader in Transportation Management for parcel shipping.  Major events like trade wars, natural disasters, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have shifted consumer behaviors and created supply chain challenges. This has forced retailers, manufacturers and suppliers across the world to revisit their global supply chain strategies and [...]

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Hot DAM! How Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Helps Brands Adapt

How Cloud-Based DAM Helps Brands Adapt Faster to the New, Visual Economy -- By Russ Barr, Director of DAM, Cloudinary 2020 will be remembered as a year of unrelenting change and disruption. In the business world, however, many have observed the global crisis has mostly accelerated changes already underway. One glaring example is digital transformation. [...]

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Can Robots Train Your Employees?

 -- by Christina Pavlou, Content Writer at TalentLMS - Hi! Are you ready for your training? - Sure! What’s in the schedule for today? - You have one last session to complete from the “Web Design 101” course, and then you’ll have to take your final test. When you pass that successfully, you [...]

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Start-Up SaaS: Attitudes and Ingredients for Success

What are the mysterious ingredients for the success of a SaaS start-up? The Cloud & SaaS Awards Team spoke to Ryan Dempsey, CEO of TCW, for his take. "Have you ever wondered about the attitudes and ingredients needed to create the perfect SaaS start-up?! Would you read on if I told you I was going [...]

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How to Build and Grow a Successful International SaaS Organization

In a competitive industry during challenging times, POWWR is seeing strong growth in both the US and UK with their award-winning energy SaaS platforms. In this interview, we talk to Michael Parrella, CEO at POWWR, about the best ways to grow an international software business. Tell us about how your business first started out! The [...]

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