The Cloud Security Awards program celebrates the brightest and the best in cybersecurity. Open to organizations across the globe, the Cloud Security Awards is the one of the most prominent recognition platform of its kind. Entry to the Cloud Security Awards closes at the end of February. For more information on the awards program, please see below.

Cloud Security Awards: International cybersecurity awards recognition

Cement your reputation as an innovative provider of cloud security

Do you have an innovative cloud security solution that deserves to be celebrated? Whatever your Cloud or SaaS security product, service or innovation, the Cloud Security Awards program, from the team behind the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards, will bring the recognition your organization deserves. The Cloud Security Awards is a cybersecurity awards program accepting submissions with a February deadline. Partnered with the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards, which celebrate the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing, the Cloud Security Awards accepts entries from across the globe. Any security solution is eligible: the Cloud Security Awards celebrate security solutions across public clouds, as well as alongside private, single-tenant solutions, off-premise or on-premise. However your cybersecurity solution is delivered, our cloud security awards program is open to consider your solution. Entry to the Cloud Security Awards closes at the end of February. For more information on the Cloud Security Awards program, and for a list of categories, please see below.

The Cloud Security Awards, the latest program from the global Cloud Awards.

Cloud Awards winners and nominees span the globe – including America, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia. The Cloud Security Awards program strives to represent cloud and software innovation and diversity from all of these regions, and more.

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Cloud Security Awards categories

All-new categories

An overview of cybersecurity awards categories follows below. Winners will be selected internationally, including the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a Cloud Awards partner, the Cloud Security Awards strives to represent security solutions from across the globe: not only is equal weighting given to all countries, but individual awards across any category may be split into more than one award depending on the strength of submissions from different regions.

Half of all development and coding jobs lie outside the tech industry. The Cloud Security Awards aims to be the de facto cloud security awards program by recognizing and celebrating success and innovation in every key business vertical. If your sector is not represented in the list of security awards categories, please contact us and we will determine whether to include your industry sector in the next awards cycle.

This category takes into consideration all the measures to identify and manage security opportunities and dangers, which arise from business actions that can have both a negative and a positive effect on the success of the company. The objective of risk management is not to eliminate all risks; that is practically impossible. Rather, the idea is to strike an optimal balance between opportunities and risks.

This category includes a variety of topics related to data and information defense primarily, but not limited to, a professional corporate environment. To excel in this category, candidates must show ongoing involvement and dedicated staff to run and keep them up-to-date and compliant with the latest policies. This can be demonstrated through testimonials.

The candidates of this category must show how their solution helps protect from most viruses, and other unwanted invaders that may infect devices. We expect to see cutting-edge solutions for this category, as an antivirus is the first line of defense to protect the internal network – crucial for any business.

If you need to protect your IP address or even what you search or visit on the Internet, a VPN can become the ideal tool, especially when connecting from, for example, a public Wi-Fi network, where anyone could have access to the navigation and personal data. A good solution should demonstrate features, such as hide the IP address, encrypt data, encapsulate internet traffic usage, etc.

A firewall represents the first line of defense because it can prevent a malicious program or attacker from accessing your network and information before any potential damage is done. Proxy, UTM, NGFW, Stateful Inspection firewalls, among others, are expected to enter this category.

This refers to desktop virtualization services that include applications in the cloud. There are numerous strategies for this category, however they are frequently combined to enhance user experience and streamline management.

All sectors have been forced to tighten the security of their networks and strengthen their online protection due to the increase in cyberattacks. This category seeks to give recognition to those outstanding solutions that can face the modern world’s cybersecurity issues.

The most cutting-edge solutions in this area ought to assist businesses in setting up a security framework that enables them to recognize network users and manage their duties and access permissions. The category also aims to recognize authentication and authorisation tools like single sign-on (SSO). A truly innovative solution should make users be able to access several services and resources by just logging in once and using a single set of credentials in a streamlined and future-proof way.

Web security consists of each action or tool adopted to prevent information from being exposed or prone to attack by cybercriminals. Those measures also serve to protect users, such as ecommerce customers and blog readers, and even the host. This category is seeking solutions that allows users to monitor web usage, even for on-premises gateways. A simplified interface to manage centralized and unified policies for both cloud-based and on-premises deployment instances.

This solution should be responsible for preventing any unauthorized entity that intercepts the communication from being able to access information in an intelligible way. Efficiency, streamlining, and compliance should be key.

This category requires an innovative approach to security for any cloud solution. Solutions should be aimed at the Enterprise, B2B market. Awarded for a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security. This may be in the form of a commercial product, or in-house architecture.

This category celebreates groundbreaking initiatives that leverage AI to enhance and revolutionize cloud security.

The solution for this category aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various components of data protection infrastructure and a solid understanding of data protection technologies, preparing users for advanced concepts, technologies, and processes.

The category is specialized in the field of alarm systems and security cameras in the workplace or home. Also included are a wide range of home automation, access control systems and safes. The fundamental scope of this category is to recognize the security system that makes your customers feel safe with the latest and most innovative security methods.

Awarded to those who can give users better access to their applications’ open source inventories. This entails, among other things, looking at components using their binary fingerprints, using expertly curated and proprietary research, comparing precise scans to that private intelligence, and showing developers this intelligence from inside their preferred tools.

Security is a major problem for SaaS companies due to the constantly changing needs and specifications that must be met for SaaS in any industry sector or as a separate security concern. Any SaaS solution in this category needs to take an inventive approach to security.

Expected of this category is the practice of defending key systems and assets against both physical and digital threats. End-user devices, data center resources, networking infrastructure, and cloud resources are examples of the hardware and software assets that are often included in this. This award will go to the best security infrastructure for large, enterprise-level businesses, across a broad gamut of possible applications.

Applicants must ensure compliance with applicable regulations or any type of legislation. This can be highlighted through testimonials and case studies. This award will go to the best security compliance for large, enterprise-level businesses, across a broad gamut of possible applications.

Since COVID-19, the banking and finance sectors have offered an increasing level of services online, and banking security has never been more crucial. Ransomware attacks, the rise of contactless payments, mobile malware attacks, and even data breaches of significant banking and finance apps are some of the dangers for which applicants in this category should offer security solutions.

This category contains rules and procedures put in place to guard against and keep an eye on unlawful usage of a computer network and its available resources. The Network Security category focuses on various public and private computer networks that are utilized in daily tasks and facilitate transactions and interactions between businesses, governmental organizations, and people. There are networks that are private, like those inside of businesses, and others that are public. Organizations, companies, and other forms of institutions all use network security.

This award will go to the best security solution with more than 1,000 licensed users. For a truly novel approach to cloud security, consideration will be made to delivering the necessary levels of functionality throughout the user population.

If you are a cybersecurity expert, you will understand that scanning for vulnerabilities is one of the most effective ways to prevent a data breach. This category is aimed at applicants who identify security flaws in a system or software. We seek the tools needed to identify all vulnerabilities in a system. Successful solutions should not only detect weaknesses but seek to remediate and alter procedures, ensuring vulnerabilities are prioritized and addressed after they’ve been discovered. Assessment solutions should evaluate numerous solutions to determine the best course of action to take. Testimonials and case studies are expected in order to reflect the success of the solution.

This category will look at data extractions from electronic evidence, translations to operationally useful information, and the presentation of the data. This includes identifying, recording, analyzing and finally documenting digital evidence. The judges will seek to identify the best digital forensics solutions: this will encompass solutions which assist with the identification of, and presentation of evidence to identify criminal activity, but applications are not limited to this area.

This category encompasses a wide range of occupations, from common call center agents to engineers with extensive technical understanding. The solution should respond to issues as they occur, taking the required steps to restore service and return the firm to normalcy as quickly as feasible. We anticipate that candidates will be responsible for providing computer system support, including incident response.

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