What is a data management or data protection solution?

The solution for this category aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various components of data protection infrastructure and a solid understanding of data protection technologies, preparing users for advanced concepts, technologies, and processes.

Data protection refers to a set of regulations and guidelines that manage all aspects of personal data processing:

  • Collection
  • Storage
  • Circulation
  • Publication
  • National and international transfers

Data protection or data management solutions can include but not limited to: handling of personal data during collection, storage, processing, use, and transfer.

Previous recognition for data protection or data management solutions

For a broader understanding of this Cloud Security Awards category, we have gathered examples from previous winners, finalists, and shortlistees which impressed the judging team with their innovative data management and data protection solutions.

Finalist of The Cloud Awards 2022-2023 for the Best Cloud DR / Business Continuity Solution

Data protection is made easier by Cove data protection thanks to a user-friendly management web panel and interoperability for Microsoft 365.

Since the solution is built with disaster recovery, cloud security copies, and remote and on-premises archiving, security is its main focus.

Overall, they are a top supplier of reliable and cost effective IT infrastructure management software.

Winner of The Cloud Awards 2022-2023 for the Best Cloud Data Management Solution

With Qumulo, enterprises can manage to billions of large and small files while securely storing, managing, and sharing user and home directory data across Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

Their efficient incremental backups guarantee that Data Protection SLAs are met.

This solution offers a cutting-edge, completely integrated method of data security, together with cost-effective, secure backup and archive storage.

Finalist of The SaaS Awards 2022 for the Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product (B2B, Small Business)

Skyhigh Security Data Loss Prevention solution uses multi-vector data protection across cloud, web, email, and private apps from one platform.

Data exfiltration is prevented while maintaining compliance, and thwart attackers.

In a world where people can work from anywhere, Skyhigh DLP secures data in all its stages from a single cloud-native device.

Shortlistee of The SaaS Awards 2021 for the Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product

Managing data effectively by gaining data visibility and control while minimizing risk from anywhere.

Their solution accelerates time to insight, discovers hidden data, recognizes high-risk information, and takes appropriate action to ensure privacy, compliance, and security for modern data lifecycle management.

Data security is managed through a ML-driven platform, decreasing risk and correcting data.

A strong entry for Best Security Solution for Data Management / Data Protection category should have:

  • Clear, identifiable reasoning as to how the solution protects and manages data
  • If available, any supplementary materials including but not limited to customer testimonials or case studies to demonstrate the innovator’s results and effectiveness
  • Clearly highlighted in the application any innovative features based on cloud technologies, where applicable.

The top candidates must be able to combine confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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