What is an IAM/SSO solution?

IAM (Identity and Access Management) and SSO (Single Sign-On) are two related concepts in the field of cybersecurity that are used to manage user access to digital resources such as applications, databases, and networks.

Leading solutions in this area assist businesses in setting up a security framework that enables them to recognize network users and manage their duties and access permissions. The category also aims to recognize authentication and authorisation tools like single sign-on (SSO).

A truly innovative solution should make users be able to access several services and resources by just logging in once and using a single set of credentials in a streamlined and future-proof way.

Previous recognition for IAM/SSO solutions

For a broader understanding of this Cloud Security Awards category, we have gathered examples from previous winners, finalists, and shortlistees which impressed the judging team with their innovative IAM/SSO solutions.

Finalist in The 2023 Cloud Security Award for Best IAM / SSO Solution
Quote from Lead Judge, Maneet Bansal

“Strata Identity’s Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform stands out as a beacon of innovation in the realm of identity management, particularly with its emphasis on a no-code approach. By enabling organizations to orchestrate complex identity workflows without the need for extensive coding or application rewriting, Maverics streamlines and
accelerates the modernization process. At The Cloud Security Awards, we think this
commitment to simplicity and accessibility not only reduces implementation time and
costs but also empowers businesses of all sizes to embrace cutting-edge identity
solutions with ease.”

Winner of The 2023 Cloud Security Award for Best IAM / SSO Solution

Quote from Lead Judge Raghu Pendyala

“We at The Cloud Security Awards have been impressed by Veza’s out-of-band graph-based authorization, which represents pure innovation in the field. By tackling complex RBAC challenges with a novel and efficient approach, their solution revolutionizes the way authorization is achieved. With Veza, organizations can navigate the intricacies of access control with ease, unlocking new levels of efficiency and security in their operations.”

A strong entry for Best Identity Access Management (IAM) / Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution category should have:

  • Clear, identifiable reasoning as to how the solution secures user access and identification
  • If available, any supplementary materials including but not limited to customer testimonials or case studies to demonstrate the solution’s results, effectiveness, and how it works
  • Clearly highlighted in the application any innovative features based on cloud technologies, where applicable.

The top candidates must be able to combine confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Ready to enter this category? Please remember to:

Download the forms
• Select the rights awards program and category/ies
• Submit according to the deadline
• Include all supplementary materials on your application

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