The Cloud Awards program celebrates the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing. Open to organizations across the globe, the Cloud Awards is the first and largest recognition platform of its kind. Entry to the Cloud Awards closes at the end of October. For more information on the awards program, please see below.

The Cloud Awards: celebrating excellence in cloud computing

The Cloud Awards program has been identifying and celebrating the most innovative organizations, technologies, individuals and teams since 2011. The annual awards program terminates in October and accepts nominations throughout the year.

The awards team works hard to discover and promote the successes of cloud technologies, which is why The Cloud Awards is the industry standard international program for recognition in cloud computing excellence.

  • We seek out the best in the industry to analyze and accredit your accomplishments
  • With three rounds — shortlist, finalists and winners — participants have unparalleled exposure
  • There is one catch-all fee: we never charge for dispatch of trophies or use of marketing materials

Why enter the Cloud Awards? Significantly, the Cloud Awards team works with your own PR and marketing teams through activities including editorial placements, press release guidelines and marketing imagery to amplify your successes.

Wherever you’re based, you’re eligible for a Cloud Award.

One of the most commonly-asked questions we receive is whether you’re eligible in your country. The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Previous winners and nominees span the globe – including America, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia.

Operate in the cloud? There’s a category for you to enter.

Categories for this year

An overview of awards categories follows below. Winners will be selected across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Cloud Awards strives not to be US-centric: in the event of particularly strong applications from multiple regions, individual awards across any category may be split into more than one award.

For SaaS solutions aimed at larger enterprises; certainly over 1,000 employees. This award will go to the best web-based software based in the US. Services with innovative customization, or which solve a universal problem, will be considered favorably.

For SaaS solutions aimed at small businesses. This award will go to the best web-based software based in the US. Services with innovative customization, or which solve a universal problem, will be considered favorably.

This award will go to the best web-based software based outside of the United States. Again, services with innovative customization, or which solve a universal problem, will be considered favorably.

Reliability and scalability are at the core of this award. Applicants must operate a significant portion of their business with their own, custom-built infrastructure to be eligible.

Open platforms, development facilities, standalone and application delivery-only environments will all be considered.

Candidates should demonstrate a solution or approach which has solved structured or unstructured data or “big data” problems with the use of cloud-based technologies.

Candidates should demonstrate a solution or approach which has taken a pragmatic and practical approach to managing and monitoring data in the cloud.

Powerful cloud solutions compatible with smartphone and tablet devices will be considered, across a range of potential applications.

Latency, security and reliability in a real-world solution are chief considerations for this award, where a pragmatic approach to cloud services is sought.

Successful candidates will demonstrate a reliable solution for the management of marketing, sales, and customer care; case study materials are not essential, but may be applicable for this award.

Innovation is key here, along with supporting materials: judges will look favorably on applicants with sufficient evidence of client success.

Innovation is key here, along with supporting materials: judges will look favorably on applicants with sufficient evidence of client success.

Any solution which simplifies and automates the deployment of cloud computing products and services will be considered. Entrants must demonstrate innovative use of cloud technologies to automate procedures and operations for increased operational efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

Cloud systems and data can be inefficient or indeed ineffective without a suitable cloud management solution in place. Entrants should outline any difficulties encountered with the interoperability of such systems and demonstrate how their cloud management solution optimizes this cloud infrastructure. Please also evidence any innovation and supply testimonials as appropriate.

Moving on-premise data to the cloud, moving data between providers, and finally, ensuring interoperability of potentially siloed cloud-based data and services are all very pressing issues for the cloud industry. Reliability, security, and simplicity are all key performance indicators. Relevant case study or testimonial materials are essential for this category and should be supplied. Both migration and SI solutions are eligible for this category; if sufficient disparate entries are received, this category may be split to reflect both.

Projects and services will both be considered, whether involving one organization’s approach to encouraging a multi-cloud environment, or joint submissions from several providers. A key focus remains on relevant case study or testimonial materials which are again essential for this category and should be supplied.

Only Open-Source service offerings will be considered for this category. Extra consideration will be given to confidently addressing the unique challenges presented with developing open-source. As ever, customer evidence and testimonials are essential.

Artificial Intelligence is the perfect partner for cloud computing, with the Cloud able to fuel AI systems with vast tracts of data. Entered AI services, implementations and projects must demonstrate how the Cloud was used to further the reach of AI technologies.

Cloud-based projects are becoming increasingly cloud-native, involving service meshes, containers, microservices, declarative APIs and immutable infrastructure. We expect entrants into this category to be predominantly involved with cloud-native projects addressing issues with service integration, cloud storage and service management. However, discrete components which have a more holistic view of cloud-native environments are also eligible. The judges will want to see evidence of innovation and success.

Award will be judged on the basis of business to business customer acquisition, fast growth, and an ongoing customer retention strategy.

For Security innovations working with, or aimed at, larger organizations (certainly with over 1,000 employees). Awarded for a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security. This may be in the form of a commercial product, or in-house architecture.

For Security innovations working with, or aimed at, smaller organizations. Awarded for a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security. This may be in the form of a commercial product, or in-house architecture.

A successful track record of success is important for this award; candidates must show evidence not only of expertise in developing a best-fit cloud strategy, but of success.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a leveraging of cloud technologies for scalable, reliable solutions across revenue generation activities.

Judges will be looking for solutions which best simplify the end-user’s experience of complex data; case study materials will be useful but not essential.

Start-ups must demonstrate some degree of success or innovation and have been established or incorporated after Jan 1 last year.

The category aims to celebrate a personality within your organization, who can be (but is not limited to) Systems Engineer, Architect, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, CIO or CEO. As ever, the main focus is on how this person has innovated. This innovation must be demonstrated to have achieved real-world results within an organization or for end-users.

Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are perfectly suited to the cloud. Category entrants must demonstrate what specific innovation differentiates their approach to DR and business continuity, and ideally support this with relevant case study materials or testimonials.

Entrants should demonstrate sustainable innovation for current and future development tasks. Demonstrate a focus on the resulting ease of reliable development on the development platform, tool or service. Entrants may choose to nominate a development platform backed up with sufficient testimonials from development teams using the service; alternatively, more discrete development tools may be nominated which may be in limited use within an organization, but which take an elegant or innovative approach to a specific development problem.

In any category, innovation and success are best demonstrated with suitable case study material. In this category, the judges are looking for only one specific case study which showcases innovation in the cloud in an impressive or truly transformational way. Joint submissions are allowed and should be indicated clearly on your submission. In-house cloud projects are also accepted. Please be sure to showcase how the cloud has made a significant difference to the organization in question.

The Cloud is becoming increasingly important in this ever-more closely-connected world. Applicants should demonstrate clearly how the use of cloud technologies has powered innovation in this ever-more relevant area of business.

There are many potential ways the Cloud can help provide a better world for future generations; conversely, known problems such as power-hungry data centers have been known to cause potential issues with factoring in environmental credentials. Applicants should focus on how their use of cloud technologies are helping to make a better environment.

The Cloud is the glue that holds the Internet of Things together. This category is open not only to specific SaaS solutions providers, but projects which have utilized the IoT in their organization. Joint submissions are also accepted.

The Cloud’s force for disrupting long-established practices, people and industry players has gone long unabated. Candidates should actively demonstrate how their Cloud service offering or project has dramatically altered the professional landscape of their industry. The judges will expect to see quantifiable evidence of this.

Aviation and Geospatial solutions will be considered for this category, where the Cloud is increasingly important, offering powerful access to rapid calculations based on vast volumes of data. The judges will expect to see not just technical information of the levels of innovation, but use cases and testimonials.

The Cloud Computing industry can be intense and high-pressured, which is why it’s important to recognize and celebrate the investment in people required to fuel staff retention in larger organizations — or sustain momentum for leaner up-and-comers. Applicants will naturally be expected to provide KPIs on staff satisfaction and retention, alongside testimonial evidence.

Now accepting entries for 2024-2025

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Previous Winners


The Cloud Awards are one of the highest accolades in our sector.

Bernie Schiemer, HRBoss

It’s the ‘Oscar of the tech industry.’ Winning this award after such a short time is testimony to the fact that innovation today doesn’t just happen in Silicon Valley.

Alexander Ciorapciu, autoRetouch GmbH

To come away as a winner is a special achievement in an awards program of this magnitude.

Karla Friede, Nvoicepay

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