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The Cloud Awards program celebrates the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing. Open to organizations across the globe, the Cloud Awards is the first and largest recognition platform of its kind. Entry to the Cloud Awards closes at the end of October. For more information on the awards program, please see below.

Wherever you’re based, you’re eligible for a Cloud Award.

One of the most commonly-asked questions we receive is whether you’re eligible in your country. The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Previous winners and nominees span the globe – including America, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia.

Operate in the cloud? There’s a category for you to enter.

Categories for this year

An overview of awards categories follows below. Winners will be selected across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Cloud Awards strives not to be US-centric: in the event of particularly strong applications from multiple regions, individual awards across any category may be split into more than one award.

This award will go to the best web-based software based in the US. Services with innovative customization, or which solve a universal problem, will be considered favorably.
This award will go to the best web-based software based outside of the United States. Again, services with innovative customization, or which solve a universal problem, will be considered favorably.
Reliability and scalability are at the core of this award. Applicants must operate a significant portion of their business with their own, custom-built infrastructure to be eligible.
Open platforms, development facilities, standalone and application delivery-only environments will all be considered.
Candidates should demonstrate a solution or approach which has solved structured or unstructured data or “big data” problems with the use of cloud-based technologies.
Powerful cloud solutions compatible with smartphone and tablet devices will be considered, across a range of potential applications.
Latency, security and reliability in a real-world solution are chief considerations for this award, where a pragmatic approach to cloud services is sought.
Successful candidates will demonstrate a reliable solution for the management of marketing, sales, and customer care; case study materials are not essential, but may be applicable for this award.
Innovation is key here, along with supporting materials: judges will look favorably on applicants with sufficient evidence of client success.
Any solution which simplifies and automates the deployment of cloud computing products and services will be considered. Entrants must demonstrate innovative use of cloud technologies to automate procedures and operations for increased operational efficiency or cost-effectiveness.
Award will be judged on the basis of business to business customer acquisition, fast growth, and an ongoing customer retention strategy.
Awarded for a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security. This may be in the form of a commercial product, or in-house architecture.
A successful track record of success is important for this award; candidates must show evidence not only of expertise in developing a best-fit cloud strategy, but of success.
Successful applicants will demonstrate a leveraging of cloud technologies for scalable, reliable solutions across revenue generation activities.
Judges will be looking for solutions which best simplify the end-user’s experience of complex data; case study materials will be useful but not essential.
Candidates should demonstrate a strategic approach to scalability and security, alongside any additional supporting materials.
Start-ups must demonstrate some degree of success or innovation and have been established or incorporated after Jan 1 last year.
Successful candidates will demonstrate a reliable solution for the specialist or general management of projects; case study materials are not essential, but may be helpful for this award.
The judges are looking for either bespoke work (leveraging the cloud either within an institution or as part of software acquisition) or as a public-facing software offering. Evidence of success within the educational institution is essential.

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Recent Winners

We are delighted that Mule iON was recognized by the Cloud Awards program as the leading cloud service offering in its category.
Chris Purpura, Mulesoft
StrikeIron takes great pride in the recognition of our platform in the Infrastructure award. A great way to kick off the year!
Justin Helmig, StrikeIron
I am delighted to have won this award, particularly against this calibre of competition.
Igor Sysoev, NGINX
The Cloud Awards are one of the highest accolades in our sector.
Bernie Schiemer, HRBoss
The Cloud Awards validates our accomplishments in helping cloud service providers compete with and differentiate from industry leaders.
Greg Goelz, CloudByte

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