Why enter the SaaS Awards or Cloud Awards programs?

From May 2022, both of the Cloud Awards and the SaaS Awards programs offer three stages of benefits:

  1. Shortlist publication
  2. Finalists publication
  3. Winners publication

The benefits of winning a Cloud Award or SaaS Award may be obvious. But you don’t have to be the final winner of a Cloud or SaaS Awards category for participation to be worthwhile. It can still be tough to make the shortlist, but there are significant benefits if you do.

Shortlisted candidates receive:

  • Pro-forma press release to help promote your success
  • Shortlist logo and materials for your marketing collateral, in print and online
  • Coverage opportunities in the international press (we also issue press releases at both shortlist and winners’ stages)

Plus, we publish an article all about your organization:

  • Full article of your choice published on the highly-ranked Cloud & SaaS Awards website, edited by our editorial team (1,000-2,500 words)
  • Link to your organization’s website on the article
  • Promotion of your article on social media

Candidates who go on to the Finalist stage benefit from another round of publicity, while winning candidates benefit from a third and final round.

Winning candidates don’t just receive a prestigious SaaS or Cloud Awards trophy…

Winning candidates effectively ‘triple-dip’ on publicity and, alongside their prestigious winners’ trophy, also receive:

  • Pro-forma press release to help promote your awards win, plus winners’ logo and further materials for your marketing collateral, in print and online
  • Further opportunities for coverage in the international press (we also issue a follow-up press release announcing the winners)
  • Bonus winners’ article for a further piece of your choice on the Cloud & SaaS Awards website, linking to your services.

The initial entry fee covers all of your access to these potential benefits, including the winners’ trophies, which we mail out once a year in March. We offer truly international awards programs with no geographically-limited ceremony to attend and never seek to incur further costs on participants.

More information on the benefits of entering the Cloud or SaaS Awards

We try our utmost to shortlist as many superior candidates as possible, although naturally with such a high level of competition we can’t move everyone to the first stage of the awards program.

If your submission demonstrated the necessary passion for innovation and excellence, alongside a clear commitment to your staff and customers, you have every chance of making the shortlist.

Your shortlist pro-forma press release

We encourage all candidates who are successful at the initial shortlist stage to publicize their win with a press release, which we supply. By harnessing the collective marketing power of all shortlisted organizations – from the agile start-ups to the larger blue-chips – we create a buzz around your services. You are welcome to edit the press release as you see fit, including deleting or trimming down the quote from the Cloud & SaaS Awards spokesperson. As long as you do not alter the meaning or misquote the Cloud & SaaS Awards team, you do not require sign-off from us before you go ahead and make your announcement by the embargo date given on the pro-forma release. You may publish at any time on the announcement day given, following Eastern Standard Time (EST, UTC-5).

Your shortlist logo and marketing materials

The Cloud Awards and the SaaS Awards are the de-facto recognition platform for excellence in the cloud and in software-as-a-service, respectively. All Cloud Computing Awards and SaaS Awards participants who make the shortlist receive a number of images in varying formats for print and online to help publicize their success. You may wish to include the logo on your email signatures, add it to exhibition stands, presentations or your organization’s website. Please observe the style guide and use the appropriate, current logos.

Your coverage in the press

As internationally accepted awards programs for excellence, you can expect to leverage your awards win with press mentions. The Cloud & SaaS Awards team has a growing list of press contacts to which we disseminate the news, and we issue our own press releases at the shortlist, finalist and winners’ stages of the process to celebrate your win. If you have a particular news angle which has synergy with the Cloud or SaaS Awards programs, please also let us know.

If you would like to be added to our press list and be kept informed of the latest shortlists and winners, please contact us.

Your listing on the Cloud & SaaS Awards website

Every shortlisted candidate receives a mention on the relevant shortlist page of the Cloud & SaaS Awards website. From May 2020, all winning candidates of either the Cloud Awards or SaaS Awards programs receive an enhanced listing on the Cloud & SaaS Awards website, which includes a link back to your website. Unless you stipulate otherwise, this link will be to your homepage, but you may also link to another landing page. Winning candidates may also provide a logo.

Your article/s on the Cloud & SaaS Awards website

All shortlisted candidates of either the Cloud Awards or SaaS Awards programs are eligible to publish a self-penned article promoting their organization’s services.

  • The article must be unique and original content, and never published elsewhere  – now, or in the future.
  • The article should provide some value to visitors to the Cloud & SaaS Awards website and not take the form of a blatant advertisement. Consider taking an interesting angle, using quotes, etc. It should be presented as a piece from a thought-leader in your organization.
  • Articles must be no shorter than 1,000 words and no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Your article may contain up to three links, including up to one link to your own organization’s website.
  • The article may include a general overview of a relevant product or service; promotions are allowed.
  • The article may be edited by the Cloud & SaaS Awards editorial team for consistency, style and grammar.
  • You should provide one high-res image to accompany your article, along with an author photograph.
  • Publishing of articles is at the discretion of the Awards Team, and we reserve the right to remove or edit articles at any time.
  • Full details on the Cloud & SaaS Awards editorial guidelines are available here.

Your social mentions

We promote successful candidates online at each stage of the awards program, and if you choose to publish an article with us, will promote this on our social channels as well.

Candidates who become Finalists

Candidates who make the second round of judging to become Finalists receive an additional round of publicity, with all of the benefits as outlined at the Shortlist stage.

Candidates who go on to Win

Candidates who go on to win in their category of the Cloud Awards or the SaaS Awards will have another chance to promote their success, as well as receive a prestigious Cloud Awards or SaaS Awards trophy. We may also ask you to provide us with a current logo so that we can enhance your listing with us on the Cloud & SaaS Awards website.