The A.I. Awards program celebrates the brightest and best in artificial intelligence. Open to organizations across the globe, the A.I. Awards is the one of the most prominent recognition platforms of its kind. Entry to the A.I. Awards closes at the end of July. For more information on the awards program, please see below.

The A.I. Awards: International awards recognition for innovation in artificial intelligence

Cement your reputation as an innovative A.I. practitioner

Do you have an innovative A.I. solution that deserves to be celebrated? Whatever your A.I. product, service or innovation, The A.I. Awards program, from the team behind the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards, will bring the recognition your organization deserves. The A.I. Awards is an awards program accepting submissions with a July deadline. Partnered with the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards, which celebrate the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing, The A.I. Awards accepts entries from across the globe. Any A.I. solution, or any practical application of A.I. technologies, is eligible. However your A.I. solution is delivered, our A.I. awards program is open to consider your solution. Entry to The A.I. Awards closes at the end of July. For more information on the A.I. Awards program, and for a list of categories, please see below.

The A.I. Awards, an awards program from the global Cloud Awards.

Cloud Awards winners and nominees span the globe – including America, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia. The A.I. Awards program strives to represent innovation and excellence in A.I. from all of these regions, and more.

A.I. Awards categories

All-new categories

An overview of A.I. awards categories follows below. Winners will be selected internationally, including the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a Cloud Awards partner, the A.I. Awards strives to represent security solutions from across the globe: not only is equal weighting given to all countries, but individual awards across any category may be split into more than one award depending on the strength of submissions from different regions.

Half of all development and coding jobs lie outside the tech industry. The A.I. Awards aims to be the de facto A.I. awards program by recognizing and celebrating success and innovation in every key business vertical. If your sector is not represented in the list of A.I. categories, please contact us and we will determine whether to include your industry sector in the next awards cycle.

This award recognizes AI solutions that demonstrate exceptional effectiveness, scalability, and value in solving complex problems and generating tangible benefits for businesses, organizations, and society at large.

This category recognizes startups that have leveraged AI technologies to develop groundbreaking solutions, disrupt industries, and drive positive change in their chosen sector.

This award celebrates groundbreaking advancements in AI that push the boundaries of what is possible, redefine industry standards, and inspire future innovation.

Awarding organizations that demonstrate seamless integration of AI into existing systems or products. Joint submissions and case studies welcome from vendors and clients.

Recognizing platforms that demonstrate excellence in providing comprehensive tools, resources, and services to support a wide range of AI use cases and industries.

Recognizing exemplary applications of AI technologies that have revolutionized personalized experiences across various industries.

Celebrates innovative AI-driven solutions that demonstrate excellence in areas such as medical diagnosis, treatment optimization, patient monitoring, and healthcare administration.

Recognizing innovative AI solutions that optimize HR processes, talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, or workforce analytics.

Recognizing initiatives that enhance learning, training and education through AI, across any industry or sector.

Celebrates innovative AI-driven solutions that demonstrate excellence in areas such as risk management, fraud detection, trading strategies, customer service, and regulatory compliance.

Recognizing exemplary applications of AI technologies in enhancing customer service experiences and optimizing support processes.

Recognizing exemplary applications of artificial intelligence to enhance telecommunications and collaboration technologies.

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance cybersecurity measures and protect against evolving cyber threats.

This award honors organizations that demonstrate exemplary commitment to ethical and responsible development, deployment and governance of AI technologies.

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the development and implementation of AI technologies to streamline and optimize automation processes across various industries.

Recognizing the transformative impact of AI technologies in optimizing business operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving sales growth in the dynamic world of retail and eCommerce.

This award honors exemplary applications of AI that optimize transportation operations, streamline logistics processes, and enhance the overall reliability and effectiveness of supply chains.

Celebrates AI technologies deployed to optimize production processes, enhance product quality, and drive operational efficiency within the manufacturing industry.

Recognizing advancements in AI technologies that enhance legal research, contract analysis and due diligence, e-discovery and case prediction within the legal profession.

Recognizing innovations that leverage AI technologies to overcome language barriers, facilitate communication, and unlock new possibilities for information exchange and collaboration across diverse linguistic contexts.

Awarding innovations that leverage AI technologies to revolutionize interactive experiences, enhance content creation, and elevate audience engagement across various entertainment platforms, including gaming and sports.

AKA Corporate Social Responsibility. Celebrating AI applications that contribute positively to society and the environment, including charity.

Now accepting entries for 2024-2025

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