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Do you have an innovative software solution that deserves to be celebrated? Whatever your SaaS product, the SaaS Awards software awards program is the recognition platform that offers the best software awards program for your organization, based on global reach and celebration of innovation, everywhere and anywhere. The summer SaaS Awards program is now partnered with the winter Cloud Awards, which celebrates the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing. Any SaaS solution is eligible: the SaaS Awards celebrate SaaS solutions across public clouds, as well as alongside private, single-tenant solutions, off-premise or on-premise. However your software solution is delivered, the SaaS Awards’ software awards is open to consider your solution. Entry to the SaaS Awards closes at the end of May. For more information on the SaaS Awards program, and for a list of categories, please see below.

The SaaS Software Awards, now partnered with the global Cloud Awards.

Cloud Awards winners and nominees span the globe – including America, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia. The Software as a Service Awards program strives to represent software innovation and diversity from all of these regions, and more.

Software Awards categories

All-new categories

An overview of awards categories follows below. Winners will be selected internationally, including the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a Cloud Awards partner, the SaaS Awards strives to represent software from across the globe: not only is equal weighting given to all countries, but individual awards across any category may be split into more than one award depending on the strength of submissions from different regions.

Half of all development and coding jobs lie outside the tech industry. The SaaS Awards aims to be the de facto software awards program by recognizing and celebrating success and innovation in every key business vertical. If your sector is not represented in the list of software awards categories, please contact us and we will determine whether to include your industry sector in the next awards cycle.

This award will go to the best SaaS product for small businesses, across a broad gamut of possible applications. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials, or for beta products, sufficient evidence of compelling market research or focus group evidence.
This award will go to the best SaaS product for large, enterprise-level businesses, across a broad gamut of possible applications. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials, or for beta products, sufficient evidence of compelling market research or focus group evidence.
This award will go to the best SaaS product for NPOs, governmental or educational organizations, across a broad gamut of possible applications. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials, or for beta products, sufficient evidence of compelling market research or focus group evidence.
This award will go to the best SaaS product, either business-oriented or consumer-facing, which increases user productivity. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials for increased productivity. A typical SaaS product for this category would be used in a call center or office.
Eligible software services include e-commerce website plugins, customer-facing solutions or back-end organizational software. Applicants must provide evidence of business improvement – whether increased efficiency, sales, conversions, usability, etc. Again, case study materials or market research may be beneficial.
The award for best SaaS product for web development will be awarded to software that clearly meets a developer need. You may wish to demonstrate how the software encourages adoption of current bast practice or improved efficiency.
This award is for ground-level business accounting and finance. Please supply evidence of success in the form of testimonials, beta feedback, or of sufficient product innovation.
This award is for senior-management-level budgeting and finance planning. Please supply evidence of success in the form of testimonials, beta feedback, or of sufficient product innovation.

Innovation and operational efficiency is important here. Judges will also look favorably on applicants displaying a sufficient evidence of client success through improved efficiencies or outcomes.

This award is specifically for meeting the challenges of the recruitment industry.
This broad category covers any point of the supply chain, from order taking to final fulfilment. There are manifold challenges in this area; please supply evidence of innovation and/or tangible successes.
This category is for software in the ticketing and event management industry. Judges will pay particular attention to case study materials illustrating data-driven ROI and innovative use of current technologies.
Entrants should take into account general business management needs and processes, potentially including but not limited to ERP/NRP, product lifecycle management, etc.
Applicants should consider business processes and procedures important and / or specific to catering and hospitality, including but not limited to booking, inventory management, customer engagement, etc.

Applicants must demonstrate either an approach to SaaS that incorporates innovation relating to CSR or sustainability, or innovation within the charity sector itself.

Applicants should demonstrate how specific user needs are met, relating to the agriculture and farming industry.
There are a number of issues specifically pertaining to the media and publishing industry. Applicants should demonstrate how SaaS, while disruptive, has helped shape the industry in the digital age.
This award is aimed at celebrating success within the healthcare industry for innovative software as a service.

Best SaaS product for digital marketing. This may include, but is not limited to: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing/automation, campaign marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and data-driven marketing.

This award is specifically geared towards bespoke software development, with special credit given to unique and/or innovative solutions to esoteric, unusual, or difficult client needs.
This award will be given to a SaaS product from any category which demonstrates innovative and/or beautiful design. Candidates should bear in mind that form follows function, and clear workflows and design should be supported by testimonial content.
Submissions will be judged in the areas of increased productivity, more capable lead scoring and enhanced conversion rates. Case study material demonstrating these factors will give an advantage.

This award runs across a range of software services, including brand management, stakeholder engagement, social buzz and sentiment monitoring, social network management, press cutting management, media alerts, media distribution services and PR management. In an increasing deluge of web-driven data, judges will favor SaaS products that smartly filter the noise to client advantage.

This award will be given to the service which best allows business to support their customers. Customer service and CRM, from ticketing systems to end-to-end user journey monitoring, must be supported by real-world evidence of success in the form of client testimonials or case studies.
Another award with a focus on data-driven services, the judges are looking for data collection systems and intelligent analytics to help guide business decisions. Innovation is critical here, and there is no reliance on case study materials for successful applicants (although where given, it will be taken into consideration).
Award for best warehouse management software. Candidates should demonstrate how a range of real-world problems have been solved by their solution. There is also potential for applicants to demonstrate how their warehouse management solution integrates with further supply chain considerations.

Project management nominees can be from any vertical business category. Judges will again look for suitable testimonial content from users experiencing increased productivity.

Judges will take a holistic view of the ERP / MRP solution and would encourage applicants to do the same, giving a top-level overview of the benefits of their ERP / MRP solution and the role of ERP / MRP in tying together disparate business functions.

A general category, Best Data-Driven SaaS product can be from any category of SaaS which actively demonstrates intelligent use of data, whether “separating the signal from the noise,” or holistically tying together disparate data to reach positive outcomes.
This award will be given to the best SaaS product to appear in the last 12 months. Products still in beta will be considered. Judges are looking for evidence of innovation and either positive reception or clear market demand.
Security is a huge concern for SaaS vendors, with shifting needs and requirements that must be met for SaaS in any vertical – or as a standalone issue of security. This category requires an innovative approach to security for any SaaS solution.
Entrants should take into account important IoT considerations such as automation, security, integration, etc.
The energy and utilities industry presents a huge number of potential avenues for innovation with software as a service. An industry-wide award, there are many potential solutions to be celebrated. As ever, the focus is on innovation and customer satisfaction.
This award will be given to a SaaS solution that demonstrates an innovative and intelligent approach to the manifold challenges presented in assessing and communicating risk, or asserting health and safety best practices.
Customer outcomes will lend weight to any submission in this category, with a focus on innovative learning and training tools in the context of the inherent benefits of the software as a service model.
This award encompasses communication, collaboration or specifically conferencing tools, where the focus will be on ease of use, testimonials, and innovative use of technology.

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Recent Winners

We are delighted that Mule iON was recognized by the Cloud Awards program as the leading cloud service offering in its category.
Chris Purpura, Mulesoft
StrikeIron takes great pride in the recognition of our platform in the Infrastructure award. A great way to kick off the year!
Justin Helmig, StrikeIron
I am delighted to have won this award, particularly against this calibre of competition.
Igor Sysoev, NGINX
The Cloud Awards are one of the highest accolades in our sector.
Bernie Schiemer, HRBoss
The Cloud Awards validates our accomplishments in helping cloud service providers compete with and differentiate from industry leaders.
Greg Goelz, CloudByte

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