Cloud Awards rules and costs, all programs

How to submit to a Cloud Awards program

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    Download the New, Simple Submissions Form. This is supplied as a simple Word document, so you may pass it around inside the organization firewall, and even share with other organizations, without having to worry about login details or conflicting versioning.

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    Fill out only one form per Awards program, no matter how many categories you enter. No more wrestling with dozens of submissions forms if you enter multiple categories. So long as you clearly indicate which categories you’re entering and supply the information required for our team to assess, we’ll do the rest. (The only exception to this is the UX/UI category of The SaaS Awards, which must have its own form.)

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    Be mindful of the deadlines. Most awards programs have an Early-Bird Deadline, a Standard Deadline, and a Late Deadline, with rising fees at each stage. Deadlines are displayed at the top of the website, in our email communications, and on the Awards Submissions page.

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    Head to the website and submit your form. Complete your organization’s details on the “Enter Now” submissions page, making sure the correct product/service names are supplied. Upload your completed form, and any supplementary materials. The judges’ advice is to be rigorous but judicious with any supplementary materials.

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    Submit your entry payment. The final step is to complete online payment of the submissions fee. If your submission is successful at any stage (Shortlist, Finalist, Winner), all of the benefits are included: there are no additional fees for article submission, marketing materials, or trophies.

Submissions Deadlines

Please note that the  entry deadlines for the The Cloud Awards, The SaaS Awards, The Cloud Security Awards, The A.I. Awards and The FinTech Awards are unique. All five programs are held annually.

  • The standard entry deadline for The FinTech Awards is the penultimate (second-to-last) Friday in January.
  • The standard entry deadline for The Cloud Security Awards is the penultimate Friday in February.
  • The standard entry deadline for The SaaS Awards is the penultimate Friday in May.
  • The standard entry deadline for The A.I. Awards is the penultimate Friday in July.
  • The standard entry deadline for The Cloud Awards is the penultimate Friday in October.

For the exact dates, please see the flash announcements at the top of the website. Please also check your email correspondence in the event of any deadline extensions. Typically, deadline extensions of up to two weeks are offered, although they will incur a late entry penalty fee. “Early-bird” reduced fees are also available for some programs.

Costs for Cloud Awards programs

The standard fee for entry into one category of The Cloud Awards, The SaaS Awards, The Cloud Security Awards, The A.I. Awards or The FinTech Awards is $595. In any one awards program, you may enter as many categories as you wish for the same product for a flat fee of $795. If you enter more than one program (e.g., The Cloud Awards and The Cloud Security Awards), you will need to process more than one set of fees. Services, initiatives and projects may be entered into more than one category as appropriate, but two substantively different products/initiatives/services will each incur their own discrete set of fees, even if submitted on behalf of the same organization.

Special ‘Early Bird’ rates apply for organizations able to get their submissions in to the team sufficiently ahead of the deadlines.

You can view complete list of current fees on the Awards Submission page.

Since there is a flat submissions fee for unlimited category entries, and no other cost barriers to entering multiple categories (only one form submission is required), the per-category cost of entering any Cloud Awards program represents industry-leading value. Moreover, organizations which enter multiple categories are 95% more likely to be shortlisted for an award. (This data was taken from submissions to The Cloud Awards and The SaaS Awards for 2020 and 2021.)

Number of Categories Entered Total Fee Cost Per Category Entered
1 $595 $595
2 $795 $397.50
3 $795 $265
4 $795 $198.75
5 $795 $159
6 $795 $132.50

Rules of entry for Cloud Awards programs

  1. All Cloud Awards programs are open to organizations of any size and geographical location. Categories are subject to addition or change, at the judge’s discretion. Each category may include a number of runners-up, also at the judges’ discretion.
  2. In the event of a suitably high volume of applications, or of entries of a suitable high standard, the judges may decide to award for any or all categories one winner for the US and one for outside the US. In the event of particularly strong showings from different regions, the judges may select one winner for the US, one from the EMEA (UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia) region, and one winner from Australia and New Zealand, leaving three possible winners of each category.
  3. Entries are invited from both client organizations and commercial cloud service/services providers/SaaS providers. Entries can be made independently, or as joint client/supplier submissions.
  4. There is no strict eligibility period for entries. However, any pertinent activities during the 18 months preceding the closing date should be highlighted in your awards application.
  5. When entries are submitted on behalf of clients by agencies or other parties, client sign-off is assumed. Once the entry has been submitted, no refund will be given if any issues arise concerning client sign-off.
  6. Entries must be submitted using the official entry form for that specific category and uploaded, along with relevant entry fee, on the  website. Entries will not be accepted by any other means, and all questions on the specific entry form must be answered.
  7. Services, initiatives and projects may be entered into more than one category as appropriate. For fees, please see above. The unlimited categories option is not applicable across multiple awards programs, those programs being The Cloud Awards, The SaaS Awards, The Cloud Security Awards, The A.I. Awards and The FinTech Awards; if you wish to enter more than one, you will be required to process more than one set of fees. Similarly, if you are, for instance, a PR firm submitting on behalf of multiple organizations you will have to process them separately. Please note that different products/services/initiatives, even if submitted on behalf of the same organization, will incur a discrete set of costs.
  8. If insufficient details are given on any application, entrants may be eliminated from the judging. Similarly, submissions given in a document format different to that stipulated on the submissions form may be eliminated from judging.
  9. The judges reserve the right to re-categorize entries if, in their opinion, another category would be more appropriate. However, they cannot be expected to routinely sort incorrectly submitted entries.
  10. Please pay attention to the website header for details of submissions deadlines. If a global extension is given, this will also be displayed prominently on the site and in email communications we have with you. Once payment is submitted, entries are confirmed and non-refundable. Payments must be cleared within one week of the closing date. Once payment has been received, entry/ies will be passed for review to the judges.
  11. Any entry may be withdrawn for any reason up until 12 noon one week before the initial closing date upon written request to the organizers; however, any entry fees are non-refundable.
  12. The judges’ decisions are absolute and final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding decisions.
  13. Winners may be expected to take part in post-award promotional activities.
  14. For The Cloud Awards, winners will typically be announced by the end of February the following year. For The Cloud Security Awards, winners will typically be announced by the end of May the same year. For The SaaS Awards, winners will typically be notified by the end of September the same year. For The A.I. Awards, winners will typically be notified by the end of October the same year. For The FinTech Awards, winners will typically be notified by the end of April the same year. Typically responses are given significantly ahead of this time.
  15. Although every care is taken to mail out winners’ trophies with the correct address, The Cloud Awards team cannot be held responsible for trophies lost in the mail. Please note that winning organizations outside of the USA are currently ineligible to receive a physical trophy, until such time that we have located an appropriate supplier.
  16. The Cloud Awards team reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.


It is very important that you fully complete the entry form. The more information you supply, the more capably the judges will be able to assess your awards entry.

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by the judging panel and the Chair of Judges for the purposes of judging.