The Judging Process

The judging process is in three stages: initial assessment, release of the shortlist, and the release of the final winners. See the “about” page for a list of FAQs on the Cloud Awards program.

Judging is based on the quality of the awards application. Entrants are encouraged to write to the word count given for each question, to ensure sufficient evidence is supplied.

There is an occasional overall award for Cloud Company of the Year, awarded at the discretion of the judging team. The winner of this award, where given, will be judged on the basis of their entry into one or more of the other categories and across both the SaaS and Cloud Awards programs. As an overall award for cloud computing, entrants who have entered more than one category are likely to have an advantage. Superior candidates can nevertheless succeed off the strength of a single application.

The Judging Panel

The Cloud Computing Awards program and the Software-as-a-Service Awards program aim to take a holistic approach in awards assessment, both geographically and in the measurement of success. The judges below head up an ever-growing global team who assist in the judging process, and represent a mix of technical, business, academic and marketing expertise. The Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards are the foremost recognition systems in the industry: if you would like to join the judging team, please contact us. We are currently particularly interested in applicants from Asia.

Richard Geary

Richard is an R&D engineer who has worked in the cloud computing and big data sectors since 2007. He has pioneered the use of distributed Machine Learning algorithms for sports predictions and has led development on a range of online tools, including data cleansing, route planning for mileage expense claim validation, and web-based vehicle scheduling solutions. He holds a first-class honours degree in Computer Science, which he was awarded before going on to study for a PhD in Algorithms and Data Structures.

Robert Bassett

Robert Bassett is a consultant who has worked on IT in government and education. He divides his time between London and California, providing organizational support with internet-based solutions. He specializes in issues surrounding public/private clouds, systems integration and cloud automation solutions. Robert graduated from Oxford university with a degree in PPE.

Graham Beale

Graham has specialized in User Experience Design since before the turn of the millennium, at organizations including BBC, Yahoo!, Symantec, Daily Telegraph, Vodafone and Yell. He’s provided consultancy to start-ups and also built and led teams in enterprise organizations. Graham specialises in outcome-driven methodologies such as Lean UX. He currently teaches UX/UI Design to international students at Flatiron School.

Annabelle Whittall

Annabelle Whittall is a Quality Systems expert with over a decade of experience in design and technology. A certified Lean Six Sigma project manager, Annabelle specialises in quality management and continuous improvement. Annabelle has worked on the Boeing 737 and Joint Strike Fighter jet programmes. She is a member of the Women’s Engineering Society, Royal Statistical Society and holds a degree in Mathematics and Statistical Science. Annabelle is passionate about encouraging young people to pursue a career in STEM.

Jason Ford

Jason is former web designer, systems administrator and technical consultant. Now a technical trainer, he specializes in areas including CompTIA course track and Microsoft systems and applications.

James Williams

James Williams is an ex-journalist and marketing/communications professional. James is a member of the Institute of Digital Marketing and has worked in helping to promote internet-based start-ups over the course of the last two decades. James specializes in the marketing of cloud solutions, forming and managing customer relationships, and inbound marketing.