What is a network security solution?

This category contains rules and procedures put in place to guard against and keep an eye on unlawful usage of a computer network and its available resources. The Network Security category focuses on various public and private computer networks that are utilized in daily tasks and facilitate transactions and interactions between businesses, governmental organizations, and people. There are networks that are private, like those inside of businesses, and others that are public. Organizations, companies, and other forms of institutions all use network security.

Network security solutions typically include a combination of hardware and software technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, VPNs, antivirus software, and other security products, as well as best practices such as access control policies, regular software updates and patches, and employee training programs.

The best network security solutions should ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of network resources and data, while also preventing or mitigating security breaches and other incidents.

Previous recognition for network security solutions

For a broader understanding of this Cloud Security Awards category, we have gathered examples from previous winners, finalists, and shortlistees which impressed the judging team with their innovative security solutions.

Winner of The 2023 Cloud Security Award for Best Network Security Solution

Quote from Lead Judge Raghu Pendyala:

“With its innovative approach, this cloud-based comprehensive solution offers complete visibility and protection for hybrid networks. It provides organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern network environments. By combining advanced technologies and a forward-thinking mindset, it empowers businesses to secure their networks with confidence and stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Finalist in The 2023 Cloud Security Award for Best Network Security Solution

With Nokia´s NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome there are ways to manage and mitigate security risks in your and your customer’s critical infrastructure. NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome offers a set of pre-built 5G use cases for network security assurance.

A strong entry for Best Network Security Solution category should have:

  • Clear, identifiable reasoning as to how the solution ensures enterprise network security and data protection
  • If available, any supplementary materials including but not limited to customer testimonials or case studies to demonstrate the solution’s results, effectiveness, and how it works
  • Clearly highlighted in the application any innovative features based on cloud technologies, where applicable.

The top candidates must be able to combine confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Ready to enter this category? Please remember to:

Download the forms
• Select the rights awards program and category/ies
• Submit according to the deadline
• Include all supplementary materials on your application

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