The Breakthrough of Technology

Businesses have been shaped by technology in many different ways, opening up new opportunities and providing simpler options across all industry sectors. According to Wikipedia, technology is: The application of knowledge to reach practical goals in a specifiable and reproducible way. Technology categories There is a hierarchy that divides technologies because they are not independent of one another: Fundamental [...]

Big Data Is Emerging as a Tool to Help Drive Ancillary Revenue in the Hospitality Industry

By President and CEO of RealTime Reservation, Shawn Tarter, shortlisted for Most Agile / Responsive SaaS Solution of the Year and Best SaaS Product for Catering and Hospitality categories at 2022 SaaS Awards One of the most prominent tools that hotels, resorts, and others in the hospitality industry are increasingly utilizing is big data and analytics [...]

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Finance Transformation: Debunking Common Misconceptions to Jumpstart the Journey

By Dominick Fatibene, Finance Industry Principal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Workiva - Winner of Best SaaS Product for Management Accounting and Budgeting in 2021 SaaS Awards The unpredictability and rapid pace of change during the pandemic forced many organizations to accelerate innovation and tackle transformation head on. Transformation continues to be a hot topic [...]

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