A Lesson from Disney: When to Expand from Your Core Offering

- By Waseem Daher, CEO of Pilot Disney had a strategy from at least 1957 (the year the image above is dated) and it clearly wasn't fixated solely on its iconic mouse. The same applies for any business -- after you’ve had some success with your product, you start to wonder: Should you double down [...]

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How Security Operations Teams Can Embrace the Cloud

 - By Gunter Ollmann, CSO, Devo A recent report by ESG, Beyond Cloud Adoption: How to Embrace the Cloud for Security and Business Benefits, is based on a survey of 500 IT and security professionals working in the security operations center (SOC) chain of command. It found that many organizations have reached the tipping point [...]

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5 Reasons Why SaaS is Turning to Consumption-Based Pricing over Subscription Models

- By JK Chelladurai, Founder & CEO, OneBill Software Over the last decade, subscription-based pricing has been widely adopted across SaaS businesses in response to customers demanding less upfront product cost ownership. However, the tide is turning as customers are increasingly seeking hyper-personalization and flexibility in how they engage with products and services. This shift [...]

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Is Mobile the Future of Cloud Computing?

 - By Marius Mihalec, CEO & Founder of Pulseway. Pulseway won "Best in Mobile" Solution at the 2020-21 Cloud Awards. The 2021-22 Cloud Awards is now accepting early entries. “Cloud Computing” is no longer a niche IT industry term. Even tech novices know that the cloud is where they can store stuff when their [...]

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Monitoring: a Critical Tool for Empowering Developers

- by Odysseas Lamtzidis, Developer Relations, Netdata DevOps is a term that has been floating around the technology ecosystem for quite a while. Each technologist and organization may define how it's applied differently, but at its core, DevOps can be defined by the advancement and promotion of collaboration between your development teams and operations teams. [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Elevate Your Multi-Channel Communications Experience

- By Dan Duran, Co-CEO, CIA Omnigage With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily [...]

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Optimization: One Simple IT Solution to Surviving Today’s Economy

By Asaf Ezra, Co-Founder & CEO, Granulate As businesses reevaluate their profits and losses to prioritize the expenses that matter the most in today's unpredictable economy, there’s massive potential for tech growth and transformation projects to fall by the wayside this year. Gartner forecasted that global IT spending would fall 8% year-over-year in 2020 with [...]

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Top 4 Recommendations to Scale Your SaaS Business in a Year

- By Elchin Aliyev, Enestech Software CEO. The huge advantage of any cloud-based product is that, technologically, it is quite easy to distribute around the planet. This may give the wrong impression: at the start, developers might think it is enough to make a cool feature, and demand will not wait. But this is not [...]

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Customer Support Isn’t About Solving Problems – It’s About Solving Your Product

 - By Elad Eran, Founder & CEO of Wix Answers As a support leader, it’s been incredibly rewarding to watch more and more businesses adopt a customer-first approach in recent years. We now expect personalized support because our favorite brands provide it, which means companies are continually raising the bar of what they will do [...]

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Using IMF for Media Asset Management and More

 - By Bill Admans, OWNZONES, shortlisted for Best Data-Driven SaaS in the 2020 SaaS Awards program One of the meta trends we can take from this past year of COVID-19 is that content is still king. The end consumers want both quality content and they want it in a quantity that has, to date, been [...]

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