How SaaS Software is Helping Restaurant Brands as the Industry Undergoes Disruption

By Greg Staley, CEO of SynergySuite, shortlisted for this year's SaaS Awards in the Best SaaS for Catering and Hospitality category There’s no denying that the restaurant industry has faced unprecedented disruption over the past two and a half years. The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating for the hospitality industry, with shutdowns, quarantines, and capacity restrictions [...]

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How COVID-19 Transformed E-Learning in the Last 24 Months

By Andreea Andrei, Marketing and Business Administration Executive at The Cloud Computing and SaaS Awards This article is part of an A to Z series by Cloud and SaaS Awards, continuing with E for E-Learning E-learning is about teaching and learning processes that are carried out through the Internet, characterized by a physical separation between teachers [...]

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