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Best in Information Security (InfoSec)

What is a SaaS product for small businesses? This award will go to the best SaaS product for small businesses, across a broad gamut of possible applications. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials, or for beta products, sufficient evidence of compelling market research or focus group evidence.A SaaS product for [...]

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Best Security Solution for Email / Communication Systems

What is an email security / communication systems solution? This solution should be responsible for preventing any unauthorized entity wishing to intercept electronic communications from being able to access information in an intelligible way. Efficiency, streamlining, and compliance should be key. It typically involves a combination of technologies, policies, and best practices [...]

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Cloud Security Innovator of the Year

What can be considered a cloud security innovator? This category requires an innovative approach to security for any cloud solution. A far-reaching category, solutions may be aimed at the SMB or Enterprise, B2B or B2C market. The category trophy is awarded for a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security. This may be [...]

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Best Cybersecurity Solution

What is a cybersecurity solution? All sectors have been forced to tighten the security of their networks and strengthen their online protection due to the increase in cyberattacks. This category seeks to give recognition to those outstanding solutions that can face the modern world’s cybersecurity issues. A cybersecurity solution is a software [...]

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Best in Security Systems

What is a security system solution? The category is specialized in the field of alarm systems and security cameras in the workplace or home. Also included are a wide range of home automation, access control systems and safes. The fundamental scope of this category is to recognize the security system that makes [...]

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Best Digital Forensics Solution

What is a digital forensics solution? This category will look at data extractions from electronic evidence, translations to operationally useful information, and the presentation of the data. This includes identifying, recording, analyzing, and finally documenting digital evidence. The judges will seek to identify the best digital forensics solutions: this will encompass solutions [...]

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Best Security Solution with 1000+ Licensed Users

What is a security solution with 1000+ licensed users? This award will go to the best security solution with more than 1,000 licensed users. For a truly novel approach to cloud security, consideration will be made to delivering the necessary levels of functionality throughout the user population. These solutions are typically comprehensive [...]

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Best Network Security Solution

What is a network security solution? This category contains rules and procedures put in place to guard against and keep an eye on unlawful usage of a computer network and its available resources. The Network Security category focuses on various public and private computer networks that are utilized in daily tasks and [...]

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