2022 SaaS Awards Winners

The SaaS Awards team is pleased to announce the 2022 SaaS Awards winners and finalists. Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards, James Williams, said: “Winners of the SaaS Awards offered something which truly stood out in an incredibly competitive year for the program.” Congratulations to everyone who made the finalist stage. Please note that [...]

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2022 SaaS Awards Shortlist

The SaaS Awards team is pleased to announce the 2022 SaaS Awards shortlist. Head of operations for the SaaS Awards, James Williams, said: "Innovative technologies have always driven industry, and having disrupted the software business, SaaS continues to mature as a key driver for sustained improvement.  "This year we’ve seen a raft of remarkable software [...]

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2022 SaaS Awards Open; 14 New Categories, Finalist Recognition Tier, Submissions Fees

New 'Finalist' Recognition Tier Making the SaaS Awards Shortlist is a huge achievement (take a look at the SaaS Awards shortlist for 2021), and hundreds of exceptional organizations just miss out on being shortlisted in a category every year. But what about all those organizations which progress beyond the Shortlist, only to just miss [...]

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SaaS Awards – New Categories for 2020

The 2020 SaaS Awards are open for entries, and while there is still plenty of time to complete and return your application, we have unveiled a raft of new categories for 2020. Nothing has changed for those of you who have been working with the previous application downloads package, but for the UX/UI Design category, [...]

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