Hot DAM! How Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Helps Brands Adapt

How Cloud-Based DAM Helps Brands Adapt Faster to the New, Visual Economy -- By Russ Barr, Director of DAM, Cloudinary 2020 will be remembered as a year of unrelenting change and disruption. In the business world, however, many have observed the global crisis has mostly accelerated changes already underway. One glaring example is digital transformation. [...]

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Can Robots Train Your Employees?

 -- by Christina Pavlou, Content Writer at TalentLMS - Hi! Are you ready for your training? - Sure! What’s in the schedule for today? - You have one last session to complete from the “Web Design 101” course, and then you’ll have to take your final test. When you pass that successfully, you [...]

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Start-Up SaaS: Attitudes and Ingredients for Success

What are the mysterious ingredients for the success of a SaaS start-up? The Cloud & SaaS Awards Team spoke to Ryan Dempsey, CEO of TCW, for his take. "Have you ever wondered about the attitudes and ingredients needed to create the perfect SaaS start-up?! Would you read on if I told you I was going [...]

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How to Build and Grow a Successful International SaaS Organization

In a competitive industry during challenging times, POWWR is seeing strong growth in both the US and UK with their award-winning energy SaaS platforms. In this interview, we talk to Michael Parrella, CEO at POWWR, about the best ways to grow an international software business. Tell us about how your business first started out! The [...]

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Augmented Reality: How a Sunglasses Brand is Throwing Shade on Competitors

Case study: Vince Cacace, CEO of augmented-reality-for-ecommerce firm Vertebrae, tells the story behind sunglasses brand goodr -- and explains how they use the latest in smart AR technology to boost sales. When Stephen Lease was training for a marathon, he was ready to go -- carrying his waistband of water bottles, headphones, and metal sunglasses [...]

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New Opportunities for Cloud and SaaS Providers in a Socially-Distanced World

Neil Stone, head of marketing for UK-based survey and questionnaire tool SmartSurvey, explores a seismic shift in the way we now work -- and why it's more important than ever to stay in contact with customers and employees. Since the arrival of COVID-19, our ways of working have changed dramatically, with businesses of all shapes [...]

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How SaaS is Driving EHS Compliance Management for Agriculture and Farming

Businesses have used Software as a Service and its apps for years. It’s time to add the agriculture industry and Environmental Health & Safety to the list. To a farmer, their land is their legacy. Sustaining it matters for future generations as much as it does for coming planting seasons. Of course, Mother Nature [...]

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A ‘People-First’ Approach to Automation in Software

The Cloud & SaaS Awards Team talked with Tonkean's CEO and Co-founder Sagi Eliyahu, who says emphatically: "The Key to Powerful Innovation? Empower Your People!" "The potential of increasingly powerful, no-code and automation-enabled business operations platforms to effect positive, organizational change today is great. Certain platforms possess the capacity to help organizations increase efficiency, [...]

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The rise of the intelligent learning platform

What’s in store for the future of training By Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING As someone with firsthand experience in training and education, I’ve come to believe that learning is a reflection of your organization.  Formal training is more important in the corporate world. There’s also compliance training that is essential [...]

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SaaS Awards Announces 2020 Shortlist, Raises $3,555 for COVID-19 Relief Fund

The finalists have been announced in the 2020 Software as a Service Awards. Finalists cover the entire globe, and range from start-ups to established blue-chips. This year, the Awards program saw a host of new categories, including a new category for Communication, Collaboration and Conferencing. Proceeds from entries to this category were donated to the [...]

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