How to Embrace Change and Use it to Succeed: Four Tips From a Six-Time Founder

By Jim Rose, CEO, CircleCI, finalist of the Best Product for Web or App Development category at The SaaS Awards 2022 Change is constant in technology, especially in software. Building a team that’s well-equipped to pivot quickly when necessary, embrace change as it comes, and keep going, is the key to becoming resilient.  It’s the [...]

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The Seven Secrets of Hypergrowth: Acceleration Through Customer Experience

By Shay Howe, Chief Marketing Officer of ActiveCampaign, shortlisted for the Highest Customer Satisfaction with a SaaS Product category at The SaaS Awards 2022 From Amazon to Zoom, the tech giants that loom large over the industry are all examples of companies that achieved hypergrowth, defined as when an organization's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) [...]

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The Collaborative Enterprise: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

There is no question that adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the driving force behind digital transformation. By adopting cloud-based applications, businesses can expand their enterprise infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively, adding new capabilities without investing in additional hardware. However, implementing a digital transformation strategy is more than extending the enterprise infrastructure. It also requires alignment of [...]

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Spotlighting Industry Excellence in Cloud Security with The Cloud Security Awards

Cloud Security is an increasingly important part of any organization’s security strategy. It is the practice of ensuring the safety and integrity, and availability of cloud-hosted data, applications, and infrastructure. Security in the cloud means protecting the cloud environment from malware and a variety of advanced and complex threats while maintaining the integrity of [...]

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How Technology Enables Structured Reporting for Global Organizations

By Anuradha RK, Business Head at IRIS CARBON®, winner at The SaaS Awards 2022 for the Most Agile / Responsive SaaS Solution of the Year category A Gartner report on the Top Priorities for Finance Leaders in 2022 says that businesses are increasingly laying the groundwork for an autonomous future where technologies, such as artificial [...]

Beyond Compliance: Delivering Quality Care Through Efficient Homecare Management

By Kim Glenn, Senior VP Government Health Plans for HHAeXchange, shortlisted for The SaaS Awards 2022 at the Best Product for Healthcare category Homecare Demand on The Rise The pandemic multiplied the demand for homecare, with projections that by 2028, the U.S. home healthcare services market will reach $175 billion. Essential stakeholders including regulators, payers, [...]

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As a Recession Approaches, our Finance Departments are Ripe for AI Transformation

By Alexander Hagerup, Co-founder and CEO of, shortlisted for Best SaaS Product for Business Accounting or Finance at The SaaS Awards 2022    As companies grapple with the pressures of inflation and the threat of recession, they are looking for ways to save costs. During challenging times such as these, companies often look toward [...]

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2022-2023 Cloud Awards Winners

The Cloud Awards team is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Cloud Awards winners and finalists. Head of Operations, James Williams, said: "The Cloud Awards experienced very fierce competition in its twelfth year. All chosen winners demonstrated remarkable commitment to the future of cloud computing, worthy of being acknowledged and celebrated." Congratulations to everyone who [...]

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7 SaaS Marketing Practices to Scale Your Business by Nailing your ICPs

By Prathima Inolu, Director and Chief Designer of Divami Design Labs, shortlisted for the Best UX / UI / Design in a SaaS Product and Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product categories at The SaaS Awards 2022 When scaling a SaaS business, marketing is one of the most critical areas. How can you make your product or service [...]

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