Who should enter ‘Best AI Integration’?

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the seamless integration of AI technologies into existing systems, processes, and workflows to drive innovation, efficiency, and value creation.

Successful AI integration is essential for organizations seeking to leverage the power of AI to gain insights, automate processes, and enhance decision-making.

AI integration involves the seamless incorporation of AI capabilities, such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotic process automation, into existing systems and workflows to augment human capabilities and achieve strategic objectives.

Whether through the integration of AI-driven analytics into business intelligence platforms, the incorporation of AI-powered chatbots into customer service channels, or the embedding of computer vision capabilities into manufacturing processes, entrants should demonstrate how AI integration is driving innovation and transformation across industries.

Some of the criteria under consideration in this category include:

  • Integration Complexity: Understanding the technical challenges overcome, the extent of system modifications required, and the integration of multiple AI technologies and data sources to achieve seamless interoperability and functionality within existing systems and workflows.
  • Functionality Enhancement: The extent to which AI integration enhances functionality and adds value to existing systems and processes. Improvements in efficiency, accuracy, performance, and user experiences, as well as the ability to unlock new capabilities and enable innovative use cases and applications should be highlighted.
  • Scalability and Future Readiness: The considerations for AI integrations to accommodate growing data volumes, user bases, and business requirements over time. The scalability, extensibility, and adaptability of your integration to support evolving needs, emerging technologies, and changing market conditions, ensuring long-term viability and value delivery, will be considered.

The impact and return on investment of the integration should also be showcased where possible. We actively encourage provision of case studies, customer testimonials or other customer success metrics in support of your submission.

Previous Recognition for Integrations

The A.I. Awards is a new program for 2024. For a broader understanding of great examples of integrations that have impressed our judges in our other awards programs, some of which utilizing AI, we have listed some of the previous winners of The Cloud Award for Best Cloud Migration or Systems Integration Solution.

Winner of the 2023-2024 Cloud Award for Best Cloud Migration or Systems Integration Solution

Quote from Lead Judge Manju Sughaturu Krishnappa

“This AWS GovCloud migration project is executed with a high degree of competence, addressing the unique challenges and requirements of government environments. The enhanced security measures and regulatory compliance achieved during the migration underscore the commitment to data protection and integrity.”

Winner of the 2022-2023 SaaS Award for Best Cloud Migration or Systems Integration Solution

Quote from Lead Judge Annabelle Whittall

“We were impressed to learn, from the examples given, how Techwave takes challenges posed by their customer and explores possible solutions from all perspectives. Techwave acknowledge the impact that any solution may have on existing business processes and aim to consistently deliver solutions which do not impact operations. We were particularly interested in how Techwave ensure minimal downtime without interruptions to their customer’s business processes.”

Next Steps to Enter The A.I. Awards

To enter this FinTech Awards category, or any other category in The FinTech Awards, please follow these three simple steps:

  • Download the entry form. Open up the ‘AI Awards Simple Form’ document.
  • Complete the form. You only need to complete the form once, even if entering multiple A.I. Awards categories.
  • Submit your entry. Head to the ‘Submit Now’ section on our website, select ‘The A.I. Awards’ and the category/categories you are entering from the list, upload your form and any other materials you would like the judges to review, and process your fees.

The A.I. Awards is a program from The Cloud Awards. Since 2011, we’ve been helping organizations across the globe gain the recognition they deserve for market-leading innovation in the cloud computing and software sectors.

For a detailed breakdown of all the benefits you receive as an awards entrant as either a shortlistee, finalist or ultimate winner, please see our “Why Enter?” page. The many benefits are replicated across all international awards programs. If you have any questions about this category, please contact us.