Good news for winners of last year’s SaaS Awards and Cloud Awards – your trophies have now been shipped and should be with you soon. (Please note there is a small delay for organizations outside of the US due to shipping times!)

For those keen to showcase their excellence and innovation in SaaS in 2019, remember that the deadline is next month – and there are now three new categories to enter:

Best SaaS for Business Management
Taking into account general business management needs and processes, including but not limited to ERP/NRP, product lifecycle management, etc.

Best SaaS for Catering and Hospitality
Taking into account business processes and procedures important and / or specific to catering and hospitality, including but not limited to booking, inventory management, customer engagement, etc.

Best SaaS Innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT)
Taking into account important IoT considerations such as automation, security, integration, etc.

The most up-to-date application forms can be downloaded across the website. If you’re already in the process of completing your entry, the questions and criteria haven’t changed and the previous forms are still being accepted – but you will need to re-download your forms if you wish to enter any of the new categories.

Congratulations to all our past winners, and good luck for the upcoming SaaS Awards in 2019, with a fast-approaching deadline at the end of May!