After an arduous judging process, the winners of the 2017 SaaS Awards have been announced.

The winners will each receive a trophy, which will be dispatched in 2018.

“Following on the heels of the Cloud Awards, the SaaS Awards focuses with laser-sharp intensity on the area of software as a service – by far the most hotly-contested category of the Cloud Computing Awards.

“It never ceases to amaze us how many distinct applications cloud-based software has, but moreover, how the cloud can help leverage these solutions, freeing them from the restraints of desktop applications that frankly seem antiquated now.

“This year we saw a remarkable crop of SaaS solutions vying to be recognized for their excellence and innovation. We can’t give everyone an Award, but I can say that the level of competition was astoundingly high. We take a very holistic view, listen to the industry, and sometimes, the factors that affect the final decision transcend the evidence we’re provided, if we have to go out and find a differentiator – and that says a lot about the quality of submissions.”