Cloud Awards & SaaS awards Insight Report

Taken from information and opinions supplied by hundreds of organizations who participated in the awards, it includes analysis and insight from key thought-leaders in the arenas of cloud computing and SaaS.

Key Insights from Thought-Leaders

The report provides invaluable insights into the future of cloud and SaaS, sourced from some of the industry’s most esteemed thought-leaders. These include lead judges, our head of operations, and head of technical, in addition to CEOs from well-established cloud-computing companies.

Key Insights from Thought-Leaders

These experts offer valuable insights and recommendations for organizations looking to adopt cloud computing and SaaS, based on their extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

data analysis

The data analyzed in the Insight Report provides organizations with a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in cloud computing and SaaS, and make informed decisions about their strategy.

data analysis

Successes and interesting perspectives of others in the industry are presented, constituting valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to cloud computing and SaaS.

Up-to-date Information

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations cannot afford to fall behind in cloud computing and SaaS.

Up-to-Date Information

The Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards Insight Report is an essential resource for any organization looking to optimize their strategy and stay ahead of the curve.

Cloud Awards & SaaS Awards Insight Report

unlock the power of

saaS and Cloud

The cloud’s future is indisputable. The advance of cloud and SaaS technologies demonstrates that cloud adoption can only trend in one direction: upward. The public has confidence in the continued rise of developments, cloud-based products, and services thanks to its rapid growth.


10/10 Confidence in the Cloud


Cloud Migration in 2022


Interest in Cloud Security

Cloud Awards & SaaS Awards Insight Report

Awards Spotlights:

SaaS Awards Popular Categories

The market report also highlights the most popular categories at The SaaS Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in the software as a service industry.

The most popular categories focus on marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, and SMM, and honor exceptional marketing strategies, audience growth methods, personalization, and account management.

Categories that recognize the best SaaS product for sales and marketing have been a huge success, emphasizing the use of sophisticated analytics and procedures to accelerate commercial value and enhance client satisfaction and profitability through financial and accounting solutions.

Cloud Awards & SaaS Awards Insight Report

frequently asked questions

The standard entry deadline for the SaaS Awards is the penultimate Friday in May.

The standard entry deadline for the Cloud Awards is the penultimate Friday in October.

The standard entry deadline for the Cloud Security Awards is the penultimate Friday in February.

If you wish to be included in the upcoming annual report, it is recommended that you complete the optional section in the application form for any awards programs you are submitting to.

The judging process is in four stages: initial assessment, release of the shortlist, release of the finalists, and the release of the final winners. See the “about” page for a list of FAQs on the Cloud Awards program. You may also see a complete breakdown of rules and costs here.

The benefits of winning a Cloud Award, SaaS Award or Security Award may be obvious. But you don’t have to be the final winner of a Cloud, SaaS or Security Awards category for participation to be worthwhile. It can still be tough to make the shortlist, but there are significant benefits if you do. Please see a complete breakdown of the benefits here.

Cloud & SaaS Awards Insight Report

2023-2024 Entry Fees

Early Entry

$495 Single $695 Unlimited

Standard Entry

$595 Single $795 Unlimited

Late Entry

$695 Single $895 Unlimited

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The Cloud Awards Market Insight Report contains information and analysis taken from the insights, opinions and thought-leadership from hundreds of international awards participants

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