The Cloud Awards is pleased to announce its 2011-2012 cloud computing awards winners:

B2B customer strategy

Broadview Networks (Winner)

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud Sigma
Softlayer Technology
StrikeIron (Winner)

Data innovation of the year

Birst (Winner)
Broadview Networks

Developer of the year

Igor Sysoev – NGINX (Winner)
Dermot Doherty – iSpaces IT

Most promising start-up

iSpaces IT
Zerto (Winner)

Best platform as a service

Mulesoft (Winner)

Security innovation of the year

Gemalto (Winner)
Callidus Software

Best software as a service

Callidus Software (Winner)
Broadview Networks
Web services excellence

SkyDox (Winner)

Cloud Computing Company of the Year 2012


2012 Cloud Computing Award Winners Announced
Final Winners Announced in International Cloud Computing Awards

NEW YORK, NY – 10 January 2012 – The 2012 winners for the annual Cloud Awards Program have been announced today.

Cloud computing is a field of IT and computer systems where services are typically offered remotely as a service, as opposed to within the organization’s own firewall. Judged among almost 200 entries, the final winners represent “the best of the best in their fields.”

The annual cloud computing awards program, open internationally across the US and EMEA regions, recognizes and celebrates industry leaders and pioneers in the field of cloud computing. Categories include B2B Customer Strategy, Best Cloud Infrastructure, Data Innovation of the Year, Developer of the Year, Most Promising Start-Up, Best Platform as a Service, Security Innovation, Best Software as a Service and Web Services Excellence.

“Almost 200 organizations entered the program, which is among the first of its kind. We were swamped by entries, and the standard was remarkably high. Judging the submissions was a challenging task. But we’re happy to endorse all of the winners as among the best of the best in their respective fields.

“We’re seeing a happy situation where business leaders are increasingly looking to see how the cloud can help them. We know what the benefits are – lowered cost of acquisition, more responsive service updates, and tools that can work anywhere, on any device.

“As we move through 2012 and into 2013, we’re going to see an increasing number or organizations leveraging cloud technologies to make their operations work harder and smarter, and our job is to ensure the innovators who make it all possible get the recognition they deserve.

“This first awards program is just the beginning. We know the world is full of exciting startups and established businesses alike who are discovering new ways to use the cloud. We’re only going to see more of them. My prediction for 2012 is that people will stop seeing the cloud as exotic or optional and start integrating cloud technologies at every level in their operational infrastructure.”

The Cloud Awards will re-open this fall with a fresh program seeking upcoming players in the field of cloud computing for 2013.