How Natural Language Processing Solves Healthcare’s Dirty Data Problem

By Steven Lang, Senior Vice President of Sales, SyTrue, shortlisted for Best SaaS Product for Healthcare at 2022 SaaS Awards The healthcare system is built on a foundation of massive, disorganized, messy “photo albums” of data that depict patients’ stories throughout their medical histories. Too often, these stories become garbled and confused, preventing an accurate [...]

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Healthcare Technologies Shifting from “New Normal” to Normal   

- By Krisanne Fieldhouse, Vice President of Product Management, Modernizing Medicine. Modernizing Medicine scooped two SaaS Awards in 2020. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home advisories that followed, we have all been waiting for a return to “normal.” That might be defined by meeting friends at a favorite restaurant, going to a [...]

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