The Growing Importance of MSPs in IAM – IT Leaders’ Perspective

By Vishnu TJ, Associate Director – Identity & Access Management at Happiest Minds Technologies, shortlisted for the Best Identity Access Management (IAM) / Single Sign-On (SSO) category at The Cloud Security Awards 2023 As the digital aspirations of businesses are expanding rapidly, organizations are trying various digital approaches to maximize the utilization of their [...]

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The Challenge of Omnichannel Communication: Taming Communication Chaos

By Ryan Cantor, Chief Product Officer, Thryv, finalist of Best SaaS Product for Customer Services / CRM  at 2022 SaaS Awards In the era of snail mail and landlines, communicating was pretty uncomplicated. Even when faxes arrived (remember those?) they simply combined the two. Fast forward a few decades — only a few — [...]

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An open directory approach for IT: Maximizing the benefits of the cloud

By Eric Avigdor, Senior Director of Product Management, JumpCloud, finalist of Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product (B2B, Small Business / SMB) at 2022 SaaS Awards Organizations have relied on directories to manage identity for decades. From the early days of computing up until the mid-2000s, workplaces revolved around a heavy Microsoft environment. In [...]

Intelligent IGA Presents a New Horizon for Identity Governance

By Rod Simmons, vice president of product strategy, Omada, shortlisted for Best Enterpise-Level SaaS Product category at 2022 SaaS Awards Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), and a networked metaverse come to mind when we consider what the future holds. The dystopian settings of films like The Matrix or Blade Runner, where robots are displacing humans, [...]

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