The Rise of Talent Marketplaces: How AI and HR Tech are Changing the Talent Game

By Anne Fulton, CEO & Founder of Fuel50, finalist of the Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product category at The SaaS Awards 2022 In today’s business landscape, agility, efficiency, and optimization are fundamental to future-proofing your organization and setting it up for long-term success. This requires leaders to embrace new strategies for managing talent and a [...]

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Encouraging Staff Retention & Satisfaction With a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

By Julie Forsythe, VP of Engineering, Auvik, shortlisted for Best SaaS Product for IT Management category at The SaaS Awards 2022 While we often associate burnout with the medical industry, the fact is this affliction has touched almost every industry - and tech and IT are no exception. In fact, recent research has shown that [...]

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