The Challenge of Omnichannel Communication: Taming Communication Chaos

By Ryan Cantor, Chief Product Officer, Thryv, finalist of Best SaaS Product for Customer Services / CRM  at 2022 SaaS Awards In the era of snail mail and landlines, communicating was pretty uncomplicated. Even when faxes arrived (remember those?) they simply combined the two. Fast forward a few decades — only a few — [...]

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In the Build vs. Buy Debate, the Solution May Be Both

By Barry Padgett, CEO, Amperity, shortlisted for Best Data-Driven SaaS Product at 2022 SaaS Awards Enterprises face a difficult dilemma when deciding how to solve business and IT challenges. Is it better to build proprietary solutions for their problems, or buy an off-the-shelf product/service to save time and focus instead on core business objectives? While [...]

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Recover College Enrolments Post Covid-19 and Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced higher education institutions to adapt to changes over the past few years. To remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry and to attract the right students to your college, it's important to stay relevant and ahead of technological trends to attract interest. Post Pandemic enrolment statistics show that college enrolments in [...]

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