What is Important about Inspection?

 - By Paul Eddison, civil engineer, software specialist and Co-Founder of Inspectivity, a SaaS B2B provider of web and mobile inspection management software. An era of lost progress The collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008 was the catalyst for more than a decade of lost progress for global infrastructure projects. Post GFC there [...]

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A Lesson from Disney: When to Expand from Your Core Offering

- By Waseem Daher, CEO of Pilot Disney had a strategy from at least 1957 (the year the image above is dated) and it clearly wasn't fixated solely on its iconic mouse. The same applies for any business -- after you’ve had some success with your product, you start to wonder: Should you double down [...]

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How Security Operations Teams Can Embrace the Cloud

 - By Gunter Ollmann, CSO, Devo A recent report by ESG, Beyond Cloud Adoption: How to Embrace the Cloud for Security and Business Benefits, is based on a survey of 500 IT and security professionals working in the security operations center (SOC) chain of command. It found that many organizations have reached the tipping point [...]

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