Monitoring: a Critical Tool for Empowering Developers

- by Odysseas Lamtzidis, Developer Relations, Netdata DevOps is a term that has been floating around the technology ecosystem for quite a while. Each technologist and organization may define how it's applied differently, but at its core, DevOps can be defined by the advancement and promotion of collaboration between your development teams and operations teams. [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Elevate Your Multi-Channel Communications Experience

- By Dan Duran, Co-CEO, CIA Omnigage With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily [...]

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Shapeshifting Your BCP for the Cloud Era

- By Allan Brearley, Cloud Strategist at digital transformation consultancy ECS Mention the word shapeshifter and images of cuttlefish, Morph in X-Men and the Greek god Proteus might spring to mind. Throughout history the possession of shapeshifting superpowers has allowed those lucky few to adapt in super-quick time to combat threats. Proteus even lent his [...]

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